Individual Therapy

As we live our lives, we all face problems that we do not know how to solve. The goal is to help you overcome them and learn to take the reins of your life without fears or dependencies.
• Communication and relationship problems.
• Psychosomatic symptoms (back hurting, stomach aches, .
• Sexual conflicts.
• Work problems, insecurities, harassment.
• Unresolved grievances.
• Inadequate handling of emotions: depression/ sadness, anger, irritated, frustrated, annoyed and many more emotions.
• Obsessions.
• Stress, Insecurity, Doubts, Anxiety, Anguish, Phobias, Fears, etc.

Adolescent Therapy

In the path of the child to become an adult, there is a stage where reality becomes difficult to live. He/She is no longer a child, he/she is not yet an adult and it is the moment where important decisions are made and he/she begins to create what will be the future life. 
• Identity and socialization problems.
• Difficulties with studies. School failure. Vocational orientation .
• Sexual conflicts.
• Addictions (substances, computer, mobile, video games, etc.)
• Bullying
• Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.)
• Communication problems with parents, friends, partners, etc.


Therapy can be provided in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

How do you start?

• First, a call (+351915576888) or an e-mail (
• You will be given an appointment to express your reason for consultation and explain how the therapy process will work.
• You will have 4 sessions over 60 minutes.
• Finishing these ... you will have to decide if you want to continue or not.